Welcome To Group Funnels!

First step to getting everything situated is creating your account.

Create your members area account for the content, by clicking here. MAKE SURE to use the same exact email you used during checkout to create your account, or else nothing will show up in the members area.

If you paid via paypal please submit a support ticket so an agent can get you access to your account manually.

Now you've got your account setup for the extra trainings, hop into the support group with all the other Group Funnels users, give us up to 24 hours to approve your request.

You can download the instructions in pdf as well to your desktop.



  1. Installing GF Chrome Plugin
  2. Setting up the Google Spreadsheet
  3. Approving Member Requests
  4. Members Area


Some things to keep in mind:

  • GroupFunnels works on PC and Mac with Chrome browser only.
  • It does not work on cell phones.
  • You MUST use the same email address you used to purchase Group Funnels
    (or it will not work)

Install GF chrome plug in to your Chrome Browser

Click this link to get your GroupFunnel Chrome extension:


Click ADD TO CHROME—that easy!  


Enter the email you signed up with (MUST be the same email)

Click on SAVE  (the blue button)

You should see a green stripe. Green means GOOD TO GO

If you see red…make sure

  • You did not typo
  • You are using the same email you used to purchase the plugin



You need to create the spreadsheet you will PUSH the data to.

Name each column (or copy and paste from the spreadsheet template HERE)



Name your sheet to save it – probably naming it the name of your group.

COPY the spreadsheet URL:

Make sure you choose SHARE the link as by default it is set to VIEW

Approving Member Requests

Go to your group and click on the MEMBER REQUESTS section. 

You will you will see red until you enter the url into the field.

You need to PASTE the URL you just copied into the field..


As soon as you enter the url, you will see SUCCESS—click OK

You will now see GREEN. 


Approve ONE person

Click on the GF icon on your browser


Click on VIEW DATA   (You should see the person you just approved)

Click the green PUSH TO GOOGLE SHEET button

You will see SUCCESS pop up.

Go check your Google Sheet that corresponds with the group you created the spread sheet for.

You will see they have populated the Google sheet

It has passed and is working properly.

You can now approve away!