Yes it is.

Our EU customers want to figure out if using the Group Funnels software can still be GDPR compliant - and it's a great question!

One would assume that it wouldn't be... but luckily, there is a way to use this software and stay within the GDPR guidelines.

On your entry questions, just add the same text you'd add on your optin form on your website letting visitors know about how you plan to use the data and what they can expect next. 

How are we 110% certain its GDPR friendly? 

GDPR specialist Suzanne Dibble who runs a GDPR group of over 30,000 members uses Group Funnels, and explains how to use it so its compliant in this video.

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Suzanne Dibble -- legal expert-- adds:

"In the 3 questions you can ask the joiners if they want to be emailed something and if so to provide their email address. You can also provide a link to your privacy policy in the questions that explains your lawful ground of processing for sending follow up emails (and then you can also include a link to the privacy policy in the email delivering whatever they have signed up for). If you are outside of the EU then PECR does not yet apply to you so you can probably rely on legitimate interests (no consent needed) to send the follow up emails and marketing emails. If you are established inside the EU then slightly different rules apply.<

As long as you are being upfront about what you are doing with the email address you are asking for, you are compliant."