FIRST, make sure any member data you have sitting in your GF View Data has been pushed to your Google sheet  (green button) or downloaded in a CSV (blue button) to your desktop.  You don’t want to lose any data—once you uninstall or if you ever need to reinsert the email adrs you used to purchase GF with, you will lose that data in the View Data sheet…Rest assured, the data pushed t your google sheet will be safe.


  • Right mosue click on your GF ext icon on your browser.
  • From the Drop Down, click on REMOVE from Chrome
  • Close your browser and then open it.

ReINSTALL your GF ext. 

Use this link:

It will run your through installing it.


  • Re-add your google sheet url to your facebook group(s).
  • To make sure you get the same data in the same columns, make sure you approve one person with ALL the questions answered.
  • Push it to the google sheet and test it to see/make sure it pushed correctly.  If it did, you can Approve All.  If it did not, you didn’t choose a member to approve with the questions answered.