What is Zapier? Often called the "duct tape of the internet", Zapier helps apps transfer data to each other and perform tasks. In our case, we use Zapier to hook it up like this:

Data comes into Group Funnels > gets added to the Google Sheet > Zapier sees that new data > then sends it to the Email Providers so you can get them on your email list and welcome sequence!  

Step 1 - Go to Zapier.com & get an account
Step 2 - Go to "Make A Zap"
Step 3 - Click "Google Sheets" for the trigger app
Step 4 - Click "New Spreadsheet Row"
Step 5 - Choose OR Connect your google account

Now you've got the Zapier & Google sheet side setup, let's get your email service provider hooked into it!

Step 1 - Search for your email service provider, connect the account, & select it as the "action" app

**The following steps may be different for each email provider - in this example we'll use Mailchimp**

Step 2 - Select "Add/Update Subscriber"
Step 3 - Choose OR connect an account
Step 4 - Pick your email list to add to & setup the subscriber email field so it pulls from the A3 column (email)
Step 5 - You can send a test email OR skip this if you don't want that subscriber added into that sequence
Step 6 - Name your zap something easily recognizable, like "group name > email list title"

and BOOM! You're all setup!