Yes, you can use Group Funnels to collect member information and emails without integrating Zapier to your email service. BUT it is a more manual process. There's two options on what to do instead:

OPTION 1 - pull emails from google sheet 

  1. Use Group Funnels like normal, and push the data to your google sheet.

  1. Go into the google sheet, and copy the column with your most recent member’s data.

  1. Take that data, and add it directly into your email service provider by going to the option that says add contacts, and pasting those emails into the correct list.

  1. As long as your autoresponder is set to send out as soon as people are added to a list, they will all get the welcome message and you can continue sending to them.

OPTION 2 - download CSV file directly from Group Funnels extension then upload to your autoresponder 

        1. In the Group Funnels extension, you can click on "download to CSV" with the blue button here:

       2. Go into your email service provider, and upload that CSV directly onto the correct list.

RECAP: You *can* use Group Funnels without zapier, but it's a much more manual process. I'd recommend taking the time to set it up the right way the first time so it's truly automated! 

To get started with Zapier - check out the support articles here!