WHY would you submit a ticket? Posting in the FB group or sending a message to the team on Facebook might get lost. When a ticket is created, it's on file and you'll get your problem resolved faster.  Most programming issues happen when there is a change or update with Chrome or Facebook.  

TIPS for submitting a support ticket:

Important:  Do NOT submit mutliple tickets for the same issue.  Keep one ticket going for easier communication and troubleshooting.  

1. Check through the knowledge base articles HERE. Usually, most questions or issues are posted there. 

If you don't find what you are looking for, then submit your ticket HERE. 

2.  Make sure you include the correct email address you used to purchase your product (this makes it easier to locate your account and / or proof of purchase)----if the issue is proving proof of purchase or you recently purchased, include a valid image/snapshot of receipt.

3.  Include the name of the product/course you need help with. 

4.  Be as specific as possible with the issue you are having and include any screenshots or screen recordings if possible.

5. After submitting the ticket, you'll hear back within 24 hours M-F and within 48 hours on the weekends! Keep an eye out for the response!